Smart Base (Flashing) Installation

The SR1800 Solar Attic Fan was purposely designed to have a removable base (flashing), which is unique from all other competing products. The separated base (flashing) is not only for assuring smart, easy, well caulked and solid installations but also allows for future access to the unit as well as the space below. Smart Base (Flashing) Installation The SR1800 has a patent-pending installation solution by shipping the upper housing and

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Wattage Expansion or Remote Panel Additions

The SR1800 Solar Attic Fan features a ‘Plug–n-Play’ solution for expanding wattage capacity by simply being able to plug in an additional solar panel. Seamless Wattage Expansion or Remote Panel Additions to Solar Ventilation The SR1800 once again sets itself apart from the competition by offering this unique solution, which allows adding more power to your solar attic fan by incorporating an expansion port. This is in contrast to other

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Attic Fan Design: Elegance Without Limitations

Elegance and Low Profile Attic Fan Design without Limitations The SR1800’s low profile Attic Fan design with its integrated 7-stage locking pivot mounting system is unique to the market. No other product on the market offers a low profile design AND an adjustable solar panel mounting system – ‘All in One’. The Solar Royal SR1800 Solar Attic Fan is without a doubt a beautiful and well-engineered product. This attic fan

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Insect Barrier for Solar Attic Fan: Bees & Wasps!

Solar Attic Ventilation insect barrier Bees and Wasps can be nasty and unfortunate to deal with in any case. Solar Attic Ventilation is created to move air from your attic and crawl spaces. The embedded screen is not designed to be a full insect barrier. Just like your other vents; ridge vents, gables, soffits and other manufacturers product - these are all areas were Bees and Wasps can enter. Ventilation

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Solar Royal Affiliate Program Options: "TO BE OR NOT TO BE?"

Do you love Solar Royal products? Do you want to earn rewards for sharing our products with your customers? The Solar Royal Affiliate Program allows you to do just that! Read more below to find out how you can get started today. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business, in this case, Solar Royal, rewards one or more affiliates for each

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