With A Small Idea & A Big Vision!

Affordable Premium Solar Attic Fans
(Solar Powered Ventilation).

The Solar Royal Team brings over 30 years of product development experience to fruition through the introduction and evolution of our premier product. It has brought about a revolution in the solar attic fan industry. This product ushers the solar ventilation marketplace into the 21st century. Our industry-changing product was developed, designed, and engineered in the USA by Solar Royal, LLC.

Solar Royal, LLC, began like many other companies, with a small idea and a big vision! While remodeling his own home, our founder, Roy Stocker, was evaluating green energy products for the project. After researching ways to reduce his home’s utility bill, Roy realized that using a solar attic fan ventilation was a great solution. But the options currently available were expensive and lacked key elements within one product. So Roy went to his resources and researched every aspect of producing a premium solar attic fan, knowing that he could bring a better solar ventilation product to the market and make it more economically available to the general public.

After twelve months of careful designing, engineering, developing, and an in-depth competitive analysis is a more reasonably-priced, full-featured, higher quality, and aesthetically pleasing solar-powered attic fan (solar ventilation product). Our fan combines all the best features gathered from what is already available on the market at around 40% less! Solar Royal, LLC has patent-pending features and functions not available from any other supplier.

With the evolution of a more aware and price-conscious consumer, demand for “smart-energy” products is on the rise. Therefore, the market for a more streamlined and economical solution has to be available for the new, savvy buyer. At Solar Royal, we plan to continue to evolve our products and bring even more “smart-energy” products and solutions to the marketplace.


“As a quality roofer, we only install Solar Royal attic fans on our customer’s roofs. It meets manufacturer’s specifications and building code for proper ventilation in Hawaii’s tropical climate. Our customers love this fan and we’ve never had one wear out.” – Mike Chu, Owner, MRC Roofing LLC

“Two-piece design separates it completely from all the others and decreases installation time considerably. In my opinion, the best-featured and constructed solar attic fan on the market.” Never had a failure, and product support is great.”

“Great product and customer support. Not had a single failure working with the SolarRoyal SR1800 for years. Quick access to products and working with Roy is a joy.”

“Over 400 units and counting without one failure. Easy installation because of the two-piece design saves me a ton of time. Cost and product value with features beat any other solar fan we have installed. Customer service is top-notch and Vicky is always on it.”

“Our contractors love the two-piece design, which cuts installation time in half. Brushless motor and other great features wrapped into a solid package. Working with Roy is great and he really knows the industry.”


Energy conservation must be in the action plan for everyone on the planet! Sometimes it happens in small steps and sometimes in larger ones but we all must seek alternatives to fossil fuels. We should all be interested in better ways to produce, transmit and conserve energy with respect to the technical, economic and human dimensional elements including sustainable renewable energy development and solutions. We have only one planet and we each must take some accountability and do whatever we can to find and support alternative solutions and save resources and energy.