Do you love Solar Royal products? Do you want to earn rewards for sharing our products with your customers? The Solar Royal Affiliate Program allows you to do just that! Read more below to find out how you can get started today.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business, in this case, Solar Royal, rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

The industry has three core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘Solar Royal’), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’ or ‘YOU’), and the customer.
Though our target market is partners/resellers, inevitably there are ‘Handy’ endusers that will choose to install our product themselves.

You do not pay for advertising with their Affiliates – you only pay when the desired action occurs, assisting in a sale.

An example
A webmaster signs up as a new affiliate in your program. The webmaster completes the form to signup as an affiliate marketer. Then gets his affiliate login ID and normally a selections of different types of marketing code; banners, tiles, text, etc..

The webmaster then logs in to his affiliate administration page, and collects some marketing material for his site normally some kind of banner or tile ads.  Then places one or more on his/her website.  The webmasters code can also be linked from an article.

A visitor sees the marketing material or reads the article, and interested to find out more, clicks through to your website. The visitor decides to purchase your product and goes through your order form.

The Solar Royal affiliate program recognizes that the sale was referred by the affiliate, so it credits the affiliate’s account with a commission.


solar attic fan affiliate program

As a member of the Solar Royal Affiliate Program, am I a Merchant or an Affiliate?

With all of the online marketing buzz words being thrown around – it can start to get a little confusing. So, we understand that you may be sitting back thinking, ‘Am I a merchant or am I an affiliate?’ Please take a bit more time and read through these next paragraphs as identifying what works best for your is important.

Wikipedia, as it relates to this topic; describes the terms merchant and affiliate in the following way:

• Merchant is an online business that markets and sells goods or services. Merchants establish affiliate programs as a cost effective method to get consumers to purchase a product or visit a Web site.


• Affiliate is a Web site owner that earns a commission for referring leads that could turn into sales to a merchant.

• ‘Affiliate’ is a group or person officially linked to an organization. In this case linked with the Solar Royal Affiliate program.


Traditionally affiliates are either related or not related to the industry but have a reader base that might be interested in learning more about a specific product type, like in our case Solar Attic Ventilation/Fan. The advantage of being an affiliate is that if you bring the company a lead that turns into a sale, you will be compensated.  This is all tracked and logged when you are signed up as a affiliate ( and it’s free.


• If you have a website on which you sell something or through which you accept leads and you’d like to pay other website owners, bloggers and email list owners for sending you sales or leads – you are a merchant.
• If you have a website, a blog or an email list that you’d like to use to generate interest in specific merchants, products or services and you’d like to earn commissions by sending your contacts to those merchants – you are an affiliate.
• If you are still asking yourself whether you’re a merchant or an affiliate, you may actually be both. There are several merchants that have affiliate programs, receive traffic from affiliates, give affiliates commissions for the transactions they refer AND they themselves refer traffic to other merchants in return for commissions on the transactions made by those visitors. Which leads to the next point.

Can I be both: Dealer & Affiliate?

The answer is YES!  Their will always be instances were your website might be the reason someone learns about another product but since your business location might not be as close to the end users location, shipping issues or for whatever reason, a dealer/partner can also benefit if a sale is made because of the dealers affiliate links back to the Solar Royal website.

For that reason, we also encourage our partners/dealers to sign up to the affiliate program ( This way they will benefit regardless of how a product is sold, either from the partner/dealer sale or if only in the referral capacity.