The SolarRoyal SR1800 Series offers the most versatile and modular solar ventilation product on the market.  Our 6″ Riser is a modular adapter that was created to allow the user to add six inches between the base and hood (fan/solar module). This additional clearance allows for installation of the SR1800 Series on tile roofs, sod roofs, snowy areas, and other industrial applications where more clearance is required. As with all Solar Royal products, the SR1800 6″ riser is very easy to install. All you have to do is follow the detailed instructions below.

Take our ‘Dare to Compare” challenge!  ONE ITEM TO STOCK, the SR1800 allows you can add, change, maintain all our different installation variations.

For installation instructions for the SR1800 Solar Attic Ventilation Fan itself, click here to see our detailed installation guide. For all other documentation and manuals, see our up-to-date library of installation guides, brochures, forms, and certifications.

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