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25Watt & 50Watt Solar Attic Fans (Solar Ventilation)w/ Thermostat & Lifetime Warranty*.


The Solar Royal Team brings over 30 years of product development experience to fruition through the introduction and evolution of a product that ushers the solar attic fan (solar ventilation) marketplace into the 21st century. This industry-changing product was developed, designed and engineered in the U.S.A. by Solar Royal, LLC.

Our third generation of solar attic fans are engineered not only to perform in extreme weather with the highest grade ABS, aluminum components and all stainless steel fasteners, but also offer patent-pending innovation not previously available in the market. These solar ventilation products are designed for use in virtually any residential, commercial, agricultural and utility application. Our premium solar ventilation product is technologically, functionally and aesthetically superior to the competition. Solar Royal ventilation products are rugged, durable, practical, wind-storm certified and an incredible value. Simply put, we offer the best solar ventilation solution on the market. We understand that everyone thinks they have the best product but contact us and we will show you.


SR1800 Series (3D-Demo)

See why our two piece design is leading the industry in ease of installation and maintenance.

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25Watt Monocrystaline

Monocrystaline is the best quality and highest efficiency solar panel available in the ventilation industry.

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Elegant Low Profile

Beautiful design that blends nicely on any type of roof and can be painted to match it’s surroundings.

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Adjustable Solar Panel

Embedded angle bracket system included with seven locking stages. Low-profile with all the features.

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ABS & Aluminum

Engineered with features and performance unmatched in the industry.


Solar Royal offers - The Best Solar Attic Fan Ventilation Solution on the Market!

No other solar attic fan offers the features, looks and value offered by the SR1800 series - PERIOD.
    • 25Watt Monochrome Panel
    • Integrated Angle Bracket (no additional cost)
    • Aluminum Components & Stainless Fasteners
    • Remote Panel Available
    • No Cost To Operate
    • Elegant and Low Profile Design
    • Windstorm Certified, ASTM-E330 Rated
    • Easy Installation – Accessibility
    • Lifetime Warranty Available*
    • 50Watt Solar Attic Fan (Units) Available



The purpose of proper solar powered ventilation is to reduce temperatures inside enclosed spaces throughout the year, like your attic, crawl spaces, warehouses, storage areas, sheds, barns, etc. In the summer, our solar powered attic fans help make all these areas more comfortable by converting passive ventilation to active. Thus reduces HVAC costs and cooling cycles, which also saves energy and money. The solar attic fans help reduce heat that can cause the premature deterioration of shingles, roof boards, sheathing, siding, insulation and stored valuables.

Proper ventilation is direct result of proper installation.

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