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Buy Solar Attic Fans

Solar Royal, solar attic fan products can be purchased through many local & national channels (roofers, green energy audit companies, resellers, building supply companies, HVAC supply companies, distributors, etc.) including direct through our webstore. Buy Solar Attic Fans today.

Buy Solar Attic FansSolar Royal is currently interested in creating mutually beneficial partnerships with dealers, installers, resellers, distributors and other green energy specific companies. Our mission is to provide our partners and our partners clients the best possible experience from the purchase to the finished installation. We are working diligently to find the best local solution providers. We are looking for partners who are congruent with our values and integrity, and have a strong presence in there specific marketplace.

Solar Royal is dedicated to providing its dealers and partners with complete marketing, sales and trade-show support.

Buy Solar Attic Fans

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Energy conservation must be in the action plan for everyone on the planet. Sometimes it happens in small steps and sometimes in larger ones but we all must seek alternatives to fossil fuels. We should all be interested in better ways to produce, transmit and conserve energy with respect to the technical, economic and human dimensional elements including sustainable renewable energy development and solutions. We have only one planet and we each must take some accountability and do whatever we can to find and support alternative solutions and save energy.

worldwide sales of solat attic fan ventilation

SolarRoy Product-Line..

SolarRoyal specializes in energy efficiency solutions and products. Our primary product being our modular SR1800 Series Solar Attic (Ventilation) Fans. We are constantly improving our products, components but at the request of our partners our product line has grown significantly:

SR1800 Premium Solar Attic Fans.
Solar Gable Fans.
Solar Fan Accessories.
Premium Insulated Attic Staircase
  (Hatchway) Covers.

Whole Home Surge Supression.
Attic Insulation Removal Bags.



• "We have a product that is by far the best solution on the market."
• "Smartest and well thought-out product we have ever used. Easy to install and offers the best value & quality."


Hands down, these are the biggest compliment we can get and the SolarRoyal team members are industry leaders in bringing the best sales and support together. We offer partner training events, trade-show support or customized bids support. OUR SALES TEAM & PARTNERS ARE THE VERY BEST!



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