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Installation for a SR1800 Series solar attic ventilation fan is easy. Not only is it simple but the design allows you make sure your installation is clean, looks good and is water-tight. See the following information as a guide with the 3D video. SR1800 Series with it’s patent pending two-piece design makes it the easiest solar attic fan to install and maintain but even more crucial, simple to remove without effecting the water-tight seal on the base.

Suggestion: watch the video a few times before reading the brief instructions below. If you watch the video a few times it will be easier to follow and understand the following written guide. Also, you can stop the video at any point and go back to verify you understand what is being addressed. (IMPORTANT): Make sure to install the screws under the shingles, the video is for visual reference only.

DISCLAIMER: Solar Royal LLC recommends that our products be installed by bonded and insured installers or contractors. Accessing the roof decking, substrate, wiring, and piping can be dangerous.

SR1800 Series Quick Animated Reference:

– Hello and Welcome to the Solar Royal quick installation guide. For a detailed explanation at every step, please review our full installation guide online <Click-Here>.

– First Determine the optimal installation location and measure a 15 inch hole to be cut out

-Ideally, with a flat-head crowbar, slide the flat head up under and around the shingles to remove the nails. With the nails removed, the base will smoothly slide up under the shingles.

-Insert the provided screws into the holes located on the base and proceed to secure the base down tightly to the deckboard. Take your time to ensure your screws line up with the holes on the base that remain hidden by the shingles.

(IMPORTANT): Make sure to install the screws under the shingles, the video is for visual reference only.

-Once the base has been securely mounted, it is time to properly caulk the base. Caulking is a CRUCIAL step in making sure your installation is water-tight. Apply the caulk heavily over the screws. When caulking, it is cleaner to caulk the underside of the shingle to ensure a watertight seal. Practice caulking on the lower sides of the visible base because if you do not properly caulk the shingles on the top half, water could run down underneath the base and cause problems. Making sure your installation is water-tight is crucial. Therefore, always go slow and think it through.

-Prior to mounting the solar fan unit, take into consideration how you want the solar panel angled. Carefully place the thermo ball inside the hole and be sure to not crimp the thermostat wire when placing the solar fan unit onto the base. Also depending on if you intend to angle the solar panel bracket, make sure the thermostat cable is on the down/slope of the roof or tack it away from the blades to make sure it is not sucked up into the blade. Now place the solar fan unit onto the base slightly off angle so that you can hear the unit drop into place. Proceed to turn the unit to the left to lock into place.

-Now, you may finally remove the protective film from the solar panel. If you would like to use the angle bracket, unscrew the two screws that hold the solar panel down. Carefully lift the solar panel up to the angle that best suits your needs. Tighten the bolts to ensure the bracket is secure and put the two removed screws back into the holes where they once were. Be careful not to over tighten

-Please re-read the accompanied notes and watch the video a few times before attempting the installation. Thank you again for your time and allowing us to earn your business.

3D Installation Demonstration (NARRATED)

3D Installation Demonstration (NARRATED w/ background music)

3D Installation Demonstration (SILENT)

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