Documentation & Manuals:

To make sure we are providing our customers with the best service and most up-to-date information, including documentation manuals, Solar Royal keeps all documentation online. If you find something missing or the link is not downloading the right file please contact us and let us know so we can correct it. Solar Royal is a manufacturer of premium solar attic fans, solar powered attic fan ventilation, gable ventilation, home exhaust and smart energy efficiency products.

We have had many requests for a single page with all the documents/manuals and we wanted to keep it easy.
Please CLICK on the document your wanting to review or download:

• 35Watt & 65Watt Solar Attic (Ventilation) Fan Brochure v5.01 (2023.5)

• 35Watt & 65Watt Solar Attic (Ventilation) Spec-Sheet v5.01 (2023.5)

• 35Watt & 65Watt Ventilador de Atico Folleto v5.01 (ES)  – (ES – Especificacionest)

• PowerShield ‘Whole-Home’ Power Conditioning System

• PowerJolt Attic Staircase (Hatchway) Insulated Cover

• SR1800 Series Installation Manual – Detailed (English)

• SR1800 Series Installation Manual – Quick Start (English)

• SRGF-30-08 Solar Gable Fan Installation Manual – Quick Start (English)

• Manual de Instalación – Resumido (Español)

• Manual de Instalación – Detallado (Español)

• Product Warranty Registration Form (Printable)

Windstorm Certifications:

The following product has been evaluated for compliance with the wind loads specified in International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC). This product evaluation is intended for use by those individuals who are following the design wind load criteria in Chapter 3 of the IRC and Section 1609 of the IBC. The design loads determined for the building or structure shall not exceed the design load rating specified for the products shown in the limitations section of this product evaluation. SolarRoyal is the only manufacturer of solar ventilation products that has both ASTM E330/14 and TAS100a certification and also has both Texas Windstorm and Florida approval. If you find this in error, please let us know if you find another competitor’s product with all these certifications.

ASTM E330 and TAS 100a Certifications

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Windstorm Certification (PDF)
Florida Building Approval Certification (PDF)


To expedite the setup process for our Dealer/Partners, below we have provided links to all our forms to get setup.
The first step is complete the Dealer/Partner Application which is linked below.
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• Dealer/Partner Application

• Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate (01-3392) Form

• Dealer/Partner Net-Terms Application

• Credit Card Authorization Form

Customer Contact Goals:

Customer Service: Solar Royal, LLC - Customer Service mission statement is to always convey a passion for the customer and to consistently deliver the best product and service experience. Delivering customer satisfaction is about providing timely, responsive service with integrity, simplicity and a passion for excellence while meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations but also keeping intention that both parties WIN.

Solar Royal, LLC. Customer Service Team seeks to actively provide excellent service.

Our customer service team seeks to actively provide excellent service before-and-after the sale is made, thereby leading to create industry leading customer satisfaction and superior branding of our solar attic fan ventilation, solar ventilation, ventilation accessories, energy saving products and supplies.

solar attic fans, solar powered ventilation, customer service, exceptional service goals

Customer Service Principles

    • Recognize the importance of all customers and the role every Solar Royal, LLC employee plays in influencing the customer’s perceptions. While impacting these perceptions, be professional, reliable, credible, responsive, friendly and following other industry authoritative resources.
    • Communicate promptly and honestly and via the customers’ choice of medium. Try to be brief and clear and also creating reasonable expectations for both parties.
    • Be a voice for the customer; when rules and policies don’t make sense to our customer, challenge the way Solar Royal, LLC does business and seek opportunities for improvement as well as resolution oriented.
    • When a problem arises, which is inevitable, view the problem as an opportunity to improve. Solving problems will enable us to raise the quality of our products and services.
    • Listen well, be responsive and demonstrate a sense of urgency. Understand that how something is said has a significant influence on how it is received. Under promise and over deliver.
  • Strive to make it easy for the customer to do business with Solar Royal, LLC to ensure that Solar Royal, LLC remains a preferred supplier.

BOTTOMELINE: The Solar Royal Team will work day and night to earn your business and continue to provide high-quality, premium solar attic fan ventilation solutions and product to continue to earn your business.