SR1800 Series Top Hood Removal Guide :

Hood removal for the SR1800 Series solar attic fan is easy. SR1800 Series with it’s patent pending two-piece design makes it the easiest solar attic fan to install and maintain but even more crucial, simple to remove without effecting the water-tight seal on the base.

Suggestion: watch the video a few times before reading the brief instructions below. If you watch the video a few times it will be easier to follow and understand the following written guide. You may also stop the video at any point. This way you may go back and verify you understand what was addressed. **(IMPORTANT):** Make sure you install the screws under the shingles, the video provides visual reference only.

DISCLAIMER: Solar Royal LLC recommends that our products be installed by bonded and insured installers or contractors. Accessing the roof decking, substrate, wiring, piping, etc.. can be dangerous.

SR1800 Series Top-Hood Removal Guide :

Hello and welcome to our Solar Royal SR1800 Hood Removal Guide.

– To begin, we recommend laying the solar panel flat and securing it with the screws provided, This is not a necessary step but it helps with the dismount.

-Now remove the four screws located on opposite sides of the hood.

-Slowly lift the top half of the hood using the protruding lip. Pay attention to the connection between the top half and the power expansion port located on the base of the hood.

-Tilt the top half of the hood to the same side as the power expansion port. Then, proceed to remove the hood base.

-Using your fingers, carefully lift the clips on the inside ring up. Then, turn the hood base, allowing it to disconnect from the flashing.

-Remove both components from the flashing. Then, reassemble the hood making sure not to crimp or damage the power expansion cables.

-Thank you for choosing SolarRoyal

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