No SLOPs Guarantee

Slow Obsolete Products (SLOPs)

A Slow Obsolete Product is a real bottom-line killer and also an inventory “black-eye”. This situation defines bad business and we have seen it over and over: a company purchases pallets of products from a slick salesman who gives them beautiful promises of soaring demand as well as staggering returns. Somehow, once the product hits the shelves, it seems to put down roots and become a permanent fixture. Four months later the product is still sitting on the racks, piled all over the warehouse, and suddenly not looking so bright, shiny, or slick. There’s also no movement of product in site and that wonderful salesman with his promises of high demand and higher returns vanishes as soon as the check clears. Again, “bad business” for both parties, Solar Royal and customer.

Our “NO SLOPs GUARANTEE” means a piece of mind for our customers.

When purchased in pallet quantities our customers have a 120 day NO SLOPs GUARANTEE from the date of invoice to return the product for a refund and/or credit (see details below).

No magically vanishing, slick salesmen with empty promises and no products putting down roots and clogging up your shelves collecting dust. We have enough confidence in our products that we will stand by them every step of the way!

Protect your peace of mind by choosing a company that backs its products and stands by its valued customers. At Solar Royal, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

“NO SLOPs GUARANTEE” guidelines and requirements:

• Product returned must be palletized as purchased.
• Product returned must be in brand new condition and wrapped in plastic.
• Customer account status must be in “Good Standing”, all invoices paid.
• Customer must request RMA (returned authorization number) to approve the return.
• The customer is responsible for return freight cost, which can be handled by the customer or Solar Royal.

*For additional details speak to your sales rep and make sure you
have NO SLOPs GUARANTEE noted on your invoice.