Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing a Solar Royal solar attic fan (ventilation) and/or other offered energy savings products

Registration is crucial to receiving updates, information but most importantly any product warranty (see warranty policies for additional details). Please fill out the following online form completely and click on the submit button to complete your product registration. Always keep a copy of your invoice in case warranty service becomes necessary. However, we also have a ‘UPLOAD’ button below where you can upload the invoice from the service provider (installer). This is needed to complete your registration. NOTE: Never discard the serial number(s) for the SR1800. You will need them. They are on the box or underneath the hood of the vent. Ask the installer to provide you this information before they throw away the box. Solar Royal respects your privacy and will not share your personal information with others in any way ( All fields are required ).

In the event your internet browser is not displaying the form correctly or you would prefer not to register online. Please download the Warranty Registration Form by <clicking-here>. The form will download to your computer and if you open it with Acrobat Reader you will be able to compelte the form with your computer or you can also print out and manually complete the form.

We are so grateful for our tremendous customer base in Hawaii but we would not recommend upgrading to lifetime warranty, as this upgrade includes product repair but does not include shipping which can be up-to $160 (each way – ~$320.00 total) to the mainland in just shipping.  We have a REP on the main island that is handling repairs which is much more cost effective.  If you have any questions about this, please contact us for details. The same applies for Puerto Rico and Alaska.

***SPECIAL NOTICE: Once you submit the form below you will automatically be directed to a new confirmation page, be sure to scroll up. Here you can verify the information you entered and then select the submit button again at the bottom of the verification page. If you would like to have a printed version, please print this page from your browser. However, you will receive a confirmation email after final submission with all the information you have provided.  (BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER)

Thank you for registering your product. This is key to getting your product warranty. Products must be registered within 90 days of invoice/installation date. Solar Royal is a provider of premium solar attic fans, attic staircase covers, attic insulation, and solar ventilation products and accessories. All products are designed and engineered in the USA.