Elegance and Low Profile Attic Fan Design without Limitations

The SR1800’s low profile Attic Fan design with its integrated 7-stage locking pivot mounting system is unique to the market. No other product on the market offers a low profile design AND an adjustable solar panel mounting system – ‘All in One’.

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The Solar Royal SR1800 Solar Attic Fan is without a doubt a beautiful and well-engineered product. This attic fan design addresses what so many competitors seem not to have considered “The Aesthetics“. We are not sure how you feel about this and everyone has the right to there own opinions but we believe, how something looks on your roof is very important. Many promote a round hood (dome) with a square solar panel screwed on top “REALLY”! It appears that someone just took an older electric vent model, changed the motor and then screwed a square solar panel on top. There are a few other decent looking round or squared ‘somewhat’ low profile units on the market but their designs all come at the expense of not having an adjustable solar panel. The SR1800 is elegant, low profile and comes standard with a recessed solar panel that can either lay flat or set at an angle. Partners and installers have told us that the ability to adjust the angle of the solar panel, comes up in over 50% of their installations.