The SR1800 Solar Attic Fan was purposely designed to have a removable base (flashing), which is unique from all other competing products. The separated base (flashing) is not only for assuring smart, easy, well caulked and solid installations but also allows for future access to the unit as well as the space below.

Smart Base (Flashing) Installation


base flashing


The SR1800 has a patent-pending installation solution by shipping the upper housing and base unattached. This allows the installer the best flexibility and ease to install the base without any obstructions or weight issues. If you have ever worked on a roof or installed a competing product, you have certainly faced the daunting experience of trying to make sure the shingles are properly fastened, nicely folded under the hood and properly sealed. The SR1800’s design assures the installer has a completely free work space to assure the flashing is properly mounted, trimmed and caulked without having to fight the slope or shingles. This attribute is unique not only during the installation phase but if needed, the hood can be easily removed allowing access to the unit and attic/crawl spaces beneath it. Attempting to move most other competing products requires removing the whole unit, including the flashing and disrupting the seal. The SR1800 base will always allow easy access and maintenance.