AUSTIN, TEXAS (July 16, 2012) Solar Royal, LLC announces the launch of its flagship product; the premium solar-powered ventilation fan named the SR1800. Solar Royal is a manufacturer, designer and developer of premium solar attic ventilation solutions, starting with the best-built, feature-packed and lower-priced solar attic fan.

The SR1800 was developed “…because of the lack of aesthetics, technological features and value proposition previously available in the marketplace.” said Roy Stocker, President of Solar Royal, LLC. The SR1800 fills all the gaps and brings them together in one product, which is now available for shipping.

The Solar Royal SR1800 is the best solar-powered ventilation product in the marketplace today, and no other product offers all the features at such a value.  At a retail price of $379, the premium SR1800 offers a recessable, 22-watt mono-crystalline solar panel, automotive grade brushless motor, 7-stage multi-lock panel angle positions, airfoil noise insulation, secure double-locking feature, continuous optimized airflow cowling for superior aerodynamics, elegant – low profile design, heavy duty construction, thermal switch, lifetime warranty option and more.

The SR1800, with its patent-pending double-locking design, requires no tools to attach the unit to the base flashing.  The SR1800 is truly the easiest solar ventilation product to install and maintain. “Our company is committed to making “green” products more affordable while providing a product that offers everyone from the installer to end-user with the smartest solution for ventilating any attic or roof spaces for the best price.” said Roy Stocker, President of Solar Royal, LLC.

Solar ventilation can be used for many applications, including residential, commercial, agricultural and utility. Requiring no electricity and lowering energy costs by changing passive ventilation to active ventilation allows spaces to be kept cooler.  The SR1800 also qualifies for the 30% Federal rebate program, as described in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Solar-powered attic fans are still eligible for a 30% (up to $1,500) federal tax credit on the purchase price of the fan and installation costs.

About Solar Royal:

Solar Royal LLC, is a privately owned and operated limited liability corporation located in Austin, Texas.  We are devoted to developing solar-powered, alternative energy products to enrich the process of saving energy and making these products more affordable for everyone.  Solar Royal, LLC is constantly developing additional features in order to evolve with technological advances and utilizing more modular attributes.  For more information on the Solar Royal SR1800 and other products, please visit or call toll free 800-317-4996.

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