Humidity sensors are an important tool for maintaining the air quality of your home. When installing a ventilation system, the focus is often on temperature control. However, temperature is only one factor that must be considered when evaluating the effectiveness of your ventilation system.

Excess heat buildup is a common problem in the attics of many homes and contributes to the degradation of the contents of the attic as well as the surrounding structures and roof above. But, heat is not the only threat that must be contended with. Humidity brings with it a buildup of moisture which is a breeding ground for mold and mildew that further degrades the building materials of your roof and walls as well as the contents of your attic. Mold and mildew spreads easily, infecting other parts of your home over time and multiplying to damage.

Why You Need a Humidity Sensor

Installing a proper ventilation system is key to controlling the humidity in your home. However, some homeowners don’t realize that humidity doesn’t always require high levels of heat. Therefore, having a ventilation system that is only triggered by a traditional thermostat which depends on a rising heat level to turn it on is not the best choice in many environments. The best way to control humidity is by using a thermostat with a built-in humidity sensor that is programed to detect both temperature and humidity independently. The independence of the two variables is the key here. Ideally, your ventilation system should be turned on when the humidity is high, even if the temperature is still low.

Finding the Right Thermostat

solasensorPro thermostat with built-in humidity sensor

Using a thermostat like SolarRoyal’s SolaSensorPRO allows your ventilation system to independently evaluate the temperature and humidity levels in your attic and trigger the ventilation fan on or off accordingly. This revolutionary thermostat design incorporates a humidity sensor and allows you to independently customize the temperature and humidity settings according to your needs. The SolaSensorPRO is the latest innovation in SolarRoyal’s line of solar attic ventilation products and is the best choice for any solar attic ventilation system.