Solar Attic Fan Upgrade

Austin, TX, USA, May 18, 2023 – Solar Royal’s new 35Watt solar attic fan has been upgraded and incorporates all the latest solar technology to bring you even greater solar panel efficiency in the same sleek, low-profile package. “We are always striving to innovate and bring the best technology on the market to our customers at an economical price. Our goal is to make the best solar ventilation solutions on the market with proprietary technologies,” said Roy Stocker, President of Solar Royal, LLC.


The latest model of Solar Royal’s flagship product, the SR1800 solar attic ventilation fan, uses upgraded monocrystalline cells that are technologically more efficient, allowing our engineers to develop a solar panel that is more effective yet still maintains the exact dimensions. 


The new 35Watt solar attic fan is available in three color options: black, brown, and weather-wood. These color options allow homeowners and contractors to choose a fan that best matches the color of their existing roof, allowing this already low-profile design to blend seamlessly with the existing roof architecture. Included in the package are our thermoball thermostat and a firefuse.

Key Features:

      • Larger and more efficient monocrystalline cells
      • Ventilates more square footage
      • Higher CFMs
      • Sleek, low-profile design
      • Robust design that will withstand extreme weather
      • Preprogrammed thermostat and thermal safety cutoff switch
      • Made with superior ABS Plastics for greater durability and sound reduction
      • Patent-pending two-piece design that makes installation and maintenance and breeze

Pricing and Availability:

      • Buy from your local SolarRoyal roofing partner or solar installer
      • Buy online and get it shipped directly to your door.
      • Available in three great colors (black, brown, and weatherwood) to better blend in with your existing roof
      • Black 35watt SR1800 Solar Attic Ventilation Fan: $469
      • Brown 35watt SR1800 Solar Attic Ventilation Fan: $494
      • Weatherwood 35watt SR1800 Solar Attic Ventilation Fan: $494

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About Solar Royal:


Solar Royal LLC is a privately owned and operated limited liability corporation in Austin, Texas. Devoted to developing solar-powered, alternative energy products to enrich the energy-saving process and make these products more affordable for everyone. Solar Royal, LLC is constantly developing additional features to evolve with technological advances and utilize the latest technologies. For more information on Solar Royal and its products, please visit or call toll-free 800-317-4996.