Are EU Countries skirting their own renewable energy laws?

EU Countries: renewable energy laws According to recent article by the Wall Street Journal, laws put in place by the European Union requiring a certain green energy threshold be met are being skirted by a number of countries. And how are they doing this? Instead of building wind or solar facilities, they are importing woods chips from the United States to use in converted coal power plants. Because technically the

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Memorial Day Message – Thank You For Our Freedom.

  Thank You For Our Freedom Memorial Day is a time to remember America's service men and women who died defending our country. As we prepare for this solemn and revered day of remembrance, Solar Royal asks that we all take a moment to thank the many men and women who serve at home and abroad, as well as remember those who have given their lives to ensure our nation's

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Texas Law Protects Solar Installs

Texas Law Protects Solar powered installs When Jay Squyres planned to install solar panels on his suburban Dallas home, his neighborhood association sued. Luckily for Mr. Squyres, a 2011 Texas law states a homeowner's association must approve an application for renewable energy infrastructure, unless the devices cause unreasonable discomfort or annoyance to persons of ordinary sensibilities. Mr. Squyres was able to install his solar panels as published by the Dallas

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