Solar Phone Chargers – Solar Energy Advantages

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Solar Energy Advantages: Solar Phone Chargers As reported by ABCNEWS: Following Hurricane Sandy, you would find citizens of New York City and other affected areas waiting in long lines outside Starbucks and other restaurants are not waiting to buy food, but vying for a chance to charge their cell phones. The city of New York is attempting to prepare for its next emergency by installing solar-powered low draw phone chargers

Swissnex: World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat Comes to Boston

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Its mission to build stronger relationships between scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators in Massachusetts and Switzerland, Swissnex Boston is welcoming the world's largest solar-powered boat to Boston's Fan Pier for its inaugural visit, June 22-26. The first boat to travel around the world exclusively powered by solar energy, the MS Turanor PlanetSolar features 29,160 solar panels and produces zero gasoline or CO2 emissions. Swissnex's Purpose The boat is currently carrying out

MIT Solar System makes rooftop solar easy

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MITs Solar System MIT scientists mapped 17,000 rooftops in Cambridge, Mass., providing residents with a web interface to look up their homes and project the cost and return on investment of photovoltaic solar panels. Using satellite imagery and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data from a previous aerial survey to create a 3-D model of Cambridge. Then the team from MIT charted the exact shape of rooftops and possible sunlight

Three Large Renewable Energy Projects Approved

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U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced Tuesday the approval of three major renewable energy projects in Arizona and Nevada delivering up to 520 MW of renewable energy.  What Are the Renewable Energy Projects? The three projects are the 350 MW Midland Solar Energy Project near Boulder City, Nevada, the 70 MW New York Canyon Geothermal Project, near Lovelock, Nevada, and the 100 MW Quartzsite Solar Energy Project, located

Solar Attic Fans | Low Profile Comparison (Squared)

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See chart in a full-page view<> © All trademarks and brand names are the property of their respective owners. ** SolarRoyal also offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty upgrade for $18.95, when purchased with the units.   Bottomline: There are other products on the market but SolarRoyal has taken the opportunity to develop as well as bring to the market a superior product that addresses: all-in-one feature rich solution,

100 Gigawatt Milestone Reached for Worldwide Solar Installs

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100 Gigawatt Milestone 100 Gigawatts! Total worldwide installed solar capacity recently broke the 100 gigawatt milestone. With over 30 gigawatts installed in 2012 alone, it is clear that there is a new push for solar energy. We are excited to see the sector grow so quickly. Wind, often considered a more mature industry, broke the 100-gigawatt global capacity mark in 2008. Let's keep pushing our elected officials to promote SOLAR

SolarRoyal SR1800 Fans are engineered in the USA

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Our customers often ask where our products are made because many of our competitors represent their products as "Made in The USA". Solar Royal products are designed, engineered and developed in the USA. The SR1800 Series products are manufactured and assembled in China to our exact quality controls and specifications. To our knowledge, all motors and solar panels used in all other solar ventilation products are manufactured in China, which

SolarRoy Product-Line..

SolarRoyal specializes in energy efficiency solutions and products. Our primary product being our modular SR1800 Series Solar Attic (Ventilation) Fans. We are constantly improving our products, components but at the request of our partners our product line has grown significantly:

SR1800 Premium Solar Attic Fans.
Solar Gable Fans.
Solar Fan Accessories.
Premium Insulated Attic Staircase
  (Hatchway) Covers.

Whole Home Surge Supression.
Attic Insulation Removal Bags.



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