Each day the suns sends over 1,000 watts per square yard to the Earth’s surface, but even as our technology continues to improve, current solar technology can only convert 20% of that to electrical power.

Solar Energy improvements

Physicists at the California Institute of Technology are working on designs that could raise that number to 50%. They hope to do this by absorbing more of the spectrum of light. These new innovations could be the next big step in renewable energy and will also be a great boost for solar attic fans.

Energy (Solar) Informational Resources

U.S. Department of Energy: Information on national goals pertaining to the economic and energy security of the United States, scientific and technological innovation, and environmental responsibility promotion.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: A resource covering the basics of solar energy and all types of technology employed to harness solar power.

American Solar Energy Society: A non-profit organization “leading the renewable energy revolution,” dedicated to increasing the use of solar energy, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies in the U.S.

Texas Solar Energy Society: To increase the awareness of the potential of solar energy and other renewable energy applications and to promote the wise use of sustainable and non-polluting resources.

Go Solar California: Information on the California Solar Initiative program, whose goal is to create 3,000 megawatts of solar electricity by 2017.

Solar Energy Industries Association: The national trade association for the solar industry, working to expand markets, strengthen R&D, lower market barriers, and improve solar education and outreach.

U.S. Green Building Council: A non-profit organization (composed of over 12,000 organizations in the industry) committed to expanding the use of sustainable energy in building construction.

National Energy Education Development Project: Promotes an energy conscious and educated society by creating networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders to design and implement multi-sided energy education programs.

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