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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Photovoltaic Arrays

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Conservation of Natural Resources To conserve the usage of natural Texas resources, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TWPD) recently installed 18 solar photovoltaic panel array systems across Texas. They range from a 5kW array thru 92kW array on the Austin Headquarters (Texas Solar Power Parks). The energy generated by these arrays typically supplies about 20% of facility power needs and supplements the Texas grid,

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How is Walmart fighting high electricity costs? Solar Power!

The Walmart Solar Energy Initiative Walmart, our nation's largest retailer, ranked first on the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) list of U.S. companies based on their installed solar energy capacity. Walmart has the capacity to produce 65,000 kW of solar power or enough to power 10,000 home. Recent installations include 10 new rooftop installations in Maryland, which totaled over 13,000 solar panels. Do you want to know how you can

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‘True Costs" per CFM (Low Wattage Comparison)

Costs presented to consumers are all relative to who is presenting them.  Some contractors get a better price and install multiple units over higher effective units and some installers sell on the price but forgets to inform the consumer what they are really getting. Lets review the TRUE COST of the presented low-cost products over the SR1800 Solar Attic Fan. It has been reported to us and we have seen

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Washing Solar Panels Not Necessary, Study Says

One of the concerns that many people have about installing solar panels or solar attic fans is whether they will ever need to clean them. A recently released study by engineers at the University of California at San Diego, that can be found here, shows that even in the harshest, dusty climates with minimal rain, dust will only create a minimal effect on solar efficiency, and in almost all cases,

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Solar Worldwide

While it is typical to hear news of worldwide solar installations in the United States and other highly developed counties, today we hear news of solar photovoltaic panels being installed all around Central America. With the high cost of electricity and an underdeveloped electric grid, consumers in these countries are buying up unsubsidized solar panels and installing them though out the region. We are always happy to see countries worldwide

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World’s Largest Solar Energy Plant Nears Completion

The world's largest solar energy plant, the Ivanpah Solar Plant, located in the Ivanpah Valley of California’s Mojave Desert, is nearing completion. When completed, the solar plant will contain 170,000 mirrors and produce 377 megawatts (MW) of power, more than double the previous record holder of 150 MW, and enough to power more than 140,000 homes. We hope that renewable energy megaprojects such as this one will lead to

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Hydroelectric: Beyond Solar Energy Advantages

When you think of the word’s largest power plants, you probably don’t think renewable energy. However, we can thank hydroelectric--the often forgotten renewable resource--for the world’s four largest power plants. In the graph on the left, you can see how dominant hydroelectric is compared to other renewable resources. We should be excited about the great growth in solar and wind recently but must not forget about our largest renewable resource,

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Solar Impulse: Looking at Solar Efficiency in a New Way

Reviewing the solar panels on the Solar Impulse--the solar plane currently flying across the country--allows us to look at solar efficiency in a new way that not only could affect solar flight but also ceiling exhaust fans and roof fans. The solar panels on the plane are not the best at converting light energy into electric power by the area covered but do excel in terms of weight. The lightweight

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Solar Prices Declining, Record Number of Solar Installations

According to a report by U.S. Solar Market Insight, the US had a record first quarter with 723 MW of solar photovoltaics installed in Q1 2013. This represents a 33 percent increase over Q1 2012 and brings the cumulative US photovoltaic capacity to 7.9 gigawatts. This growth was led by residential installations, which experienced a 53% increase over the same period. Prices for residential systems fell below five dollars a

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Learning from plants for Solar Power Efficiencies

While photovoltaic cells are certainly one of the best ways to produce clean energy, from a scientific perspective they are actually quite inefficient. In the average solar cell, only about 20% of the solar energy is transferred into usable electricity. This is in contrast to photosynthesis performed by plants, which reaches efficiencies of 95 percent. While in the past, we knew very little about how plants reached these efficiencies, new

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