YES. No matter what anyone tells you, having the flexibility of an adjustable solar panel is always an advantage. The exact angle that your solar panel needs set at to achieve optimal performance may vary depending on your location. That is the beauty of having an adjustable solution like the Solar Royal SR1800 solar attic ventilation fan. No matter your location, you have the freedom to customize the angle of your solar panel to achieve the peak performance of your fan.

What if I don’t need to move the adjustable solar panel to achieve optimal performance?

The Solar Royal SR1800 solar attic ventilation fan offers a recessed solution so that if you don’t need an angle, then the adjustable solar panel beautifully embeds itself into the top hood. If needed, depending on the location and obtaining the right azimuth–the position of the sun–the SR1800 ventilation fan utilizes reinforced metal (12 gauge) with ‘angle locks’ to securely set an angle that best suits your home’s needs. Some other suppliers offer adjustability but aesthetically pale in comparison to the Solar Royal solution. The SR1800 is sleek, compact, and low-profile. It will never be an eyesore, whether you’re using it in either residential or commercial applications.

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