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Babcock Ranch to Become First Solar Powered Town

The small town of Babcock Ranch in southern Florida, just north of Fort Myers, is the first town that is completely solar powered. According to the Orlando Weekly, the town's developers hope to see about 250 families move into the area. Homes range in price from $200,000 to $1 million. The land for the ranch was purchased in 2006. However, more than 90% of it is a wildlife preserve. Solar

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A great year for renewable energy in Australia

2017 is being hailed as a significant milestone for the climate challenge. However, it hasn’t been all good news. Carbon emissions have increased globally and in Australia, but the mission to avoid dangerous climate change through renewable energy no longer appears completely hopeless. Global Push-back Against Coal Many Australians continue to lose hope as coal remains a hot topic mainstream media. After all, many still remember Scott Morrison, the federal treasurer, holding up

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Google to be powered 100% by renewable energy

Internet giant, Google, says the price of renewable energy increasingly declines, making it the lowest cost option. It will also not rule out investing in nuclear power. Google’s data centers and the offices for its 60,000 staff will be powered entirely by renewable energy from next year, in what the company has called a “landmark moment”. The internet giant is already the world’s biggest corporate buyer of renewable electricity, last year buying

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NTRCA 2017 (Not So Mini Trade Show) THANK YOU!

A big THANK YOU to everyone for visiting our booth at the "Not So Mini Trade-Show" hosted by the NTRCA in Grapevine, TX! Hope to see you again soon!  Also big thanks to Ronnie & Karen the NTRCA Team.   Didn't get a chance to stop by our booth at the NTRCA trade show? Get all the information you need to make an informed decision about our products right here

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Panda Solar Panels on Farm In China

Now, a Chinese energy company said they were building the world's first solar panel  farm that looked like a giant panda, the country's national treasure. The solar farm, located in Datong, northern China's Shanxi Province, connected to the grid on June 29. The 248-acre solar farm looks like a cute panda. The black sections are monocrystalline silicon, which makes up the light-absorbing part of most solar panels. On the other hand, the

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The World’s First Solar Panel Road Opens in France

France’s Minister of Environment Ségolène Royal has officially opened the world’s first solar panel road this week. Spanning one kilometer with 2,880 solar panels in Tourouvre-au-Perche, this road is a revolutionary idea. Now the country is waiting to see if the road, built with construction company Colas‘ Wattway technology, will live up to the hype surrounding the clean energy experiment. The road is designed to produce sufficient power to electrify

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The World’s Most Energy Efficient Solar Electricity System

A new solar energy efficient electricity generation system that developers claim is the most efficient in the world, is being tested in South Africa’s Kalahari desert. The project combines military technology with an idea developed by a 19th-century Scottish engineer and clergyman. The Swedish company behind it says they are on the verge of building its first commercial installation. In the remote Northern Cape province, huge mirrors reflect the sun

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Global Renewable Energy Production Driven by China

  According to the International Energy Agency, China is the number one country for renewable energy production. Their current course of renewable energy expansion is projected to surpass the European Union, the United States, and Japan combined. The IEA released its annual World Energy Outlook on Tuesday. The report predicted that China will account for nearly half of the increased global power generation by 2035. Meeting this

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Solar Mirror System Brings Sunlight to Norwegian Village

Wednesday brought significant change to the residents of a remote Norwegian village of Rjukan as the ingenious solar mirror system designed to bring natural light to their mountain valley was unveiled. The valley is plagued with darkness for six months every year. They hope that these three giant mirrors will change that. Hundreds of villagers attended the unveiling, proudly sporting sunglasses as they sought to catch the first rays

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Robotic Birds Harvests Solar Energy

A new and promising technological advancement used to monitor the environment and even conduct surveillance is small robotic birds. But, for all the promise these little marvels show, there is one significant drawback that their creators struggle to overcome, which is the amount of time the little birds can keep themselves airborne. The birds are lightweight and relatively small, allowing little room and resources for a robust battery or

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SolarRoy Product-Line..

SolarRoyal specializes in energy efficiency solutions and products. Our primary product being our modular SR1800 Series Solar Attic (Ventilation) Fans. We are constantly improving our products, components but at the request of our partners our product line has grown significantly:

SR1800 Premium Solar Attic Fans.
Solar Gable Fans.
Solar Fan Accessories.
Premium Insulated Attic Staircase
  (Hatchway) Covers.

Whole Home Surge Supression.
Attic Insulation Removal Bags.



• "We have a product that is by far the best solution on the market."
• "Smartest and well thought-out product we have ever used. Easy to install and offers the best value & quality."


Hands down, these are the biggest compliment we can get and the SolarRoyal team members are industry leaders in bringing the best sales and support together. We offer partner training events, trade-show support or customized bids support. OUR SALES TEAM & PARTNERS ARE THE VERY BEST!


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