Solar Powered Attic Fan helps you harness harmful UV rays to protect your roof

Basic home maintenance is important to maintaining your home. The roof should be an especially vital point on every home owner’s maintenance checklist. High on that checklist is protecting your rooftop from UV rays. A roof that has not been properly maintained will develop leaks. Leaks, of course, lead to water, mold and mildew damage in the walls, foundation and throughout the building which comprises the integrity of the house as a whole. Many homeowners approach roof maintenance with a simple mindset:

  • Keep the gutters clean
  • Remove debris that collects on the rooftop
  • Watch for a build-up of ice dams in the winter

All these steps are great for maintaining a roof. But, too many forget about the UV rays that are constantly eating away at the integrity of your shingles.

The Effect of UV Rays on Roofing Materials

No matter where you are in the world or how much sun exposure your roof gets, UV rays are still a constant threat to the integrity of your roof. The greatest damage doesn’t even come from the direct UV rays, but from the heat and moisture that builds up underneath the roof. Many homes have attic space. That attic space is often poorly ventilated causing hot air to build up directly underneath your roof, raising the attic’s temperature. This turns your attic into an oven that cooks everything inside and the roofing material above. This erodes the integrity of the roofing material, significantly decreasing its lifespan and potentially forcing you to replace your roof years earlier than you may have had to if you had proper attic insulation and attic fans.

Efficiently Prolong the Life of Your Roof

There are many roof mounted attic ventilation systems out there to get air circulating through your attic space. Proper circulation keeps the underside of your roof cool during even the hottest of months. However, the most efficient of these systems take the very UV rays that destroy your roof and put them to work preserving it.

Roof mounted solar powered attic ventilation fans inhabit a rapidly growing corner of the market that looks to improve the efficiency of homes and business. They harness the UV rays that are cooking your attic and roofing material. These UV rays then power an active ventilation system for attic and living spaces. This decreases home energy bills and ensures more energy efficient home performance. Solar panels will also help prevent ice build up on the roof immediately surrounding the panels. The heat collected by the roof-mounted solar panels melts the ice around it, further protecting portions of your roof from ice dams. Solar powered attic fans don’t demand electricity or fuel. Solar ventilation systems are a completely green solution for rooftop maintenance and longevity. So, for those looking to minimize their footprint, a solar attic fan is an attractive, energy efficient solution to increase home performance and save on home energy bills.

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