Marketing warranty claims are just that – CLAIMS!

In our opinion, the warranty claims of many companies are just that for marketing reasons and a ‘black-eye’ in the industry. As you know, from the policies of every company, the warranty is for the original purchaser. For the original installation, this is how all others, including SolarRoyal, state this in their warranties. The facts are that most people’s roofs do not last more than 15yrs and statistically, the average USA homeowner only lives in the same home for 12yrs, which is up from 9yrs, according to the US Statistics bureau.

So this being said, the key is the weakest link within a product, which in this case is the motor on any product. This is why you will see on Broan, SolaTube, and many others 2 to 6yr warranties on motors. ‘Brushed or Brushless Motors is the key because a brushless motor will last considerably longer as previously linked. The second most important issue with a warranty is the ease of access, and with the SR1800 the hood can be removed in 10min, without having to touch the water-proof seal, see a demo here > The SR1800 comes with a standard 15yr warranty but if someone wants a lifetime warranty, then they can upgrade for $28.95, which is basically the cost of the motor, which is the only thing that can really go out. Here is the link to the online warranty registration form >

Part of this warranty offering that is not fair to my customers, as well as to the End User is the question on who is going to be around in 6months, 1 yr, 5yrs, 10yrs to offer the warranty. Most likely, the contractor will never go and replace something for free even though you will not be charged from SolarRoyal for the replacement, except for shipping (where applicable). So the key here would be ease of replacement and this is where the SR1800 really shines because if you have done it once, you can get the old one off and the replacement on in less then 15min which is not possible with any other product on the market.

Final point: If we know that having a brushless motor will last longer then why are some companies offering even longer warranties when using Brushed motors ?!?!  For example, what help is having a 25yr or Lifetime warranty when you know the motor will never last that!  At the end of the day, the homeowner will have to pay for someone to replace the part.