The Solar-Powered Attic Fan That Keeps You Cool and Money Left In Your Pocket!

//The Solar-Powered Attic Fan That Keeps You Cool and Money Left In Your Pocket!

The Solar-Powered Attic Fan That Keeps You Cool and Money Left In Your Pocket!

The Solar-Powered Attic Fans That Keeps You Cool

Solar Royal Attic Fans is the only solution you should consider.  Contact us and we will tell you why!

The latest in solar powered attic ventilation, brings you the most technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly, feature rich and highest performance ventilation solution today. Best of all, Solar Royal brings you the solutions that cost nothing to operate at a fraction of what others are charging. Imagine the savings.  The Solar Royal products is the ‘Innovative Leader’ and resets the whole industry in favor of the users.

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By placing the unit where it is most effective, the highest point on the roof, it can properly circulate air and ventilate your attic space, transforming your home into a comfortable living environment. Powered by Solar Royal’s proprietary 20-watt solar panel, this breakthrough product has been designed to last and provide features not offered by anyone else.

Suppress Heat Build Up.

A hot attic acts like a giant radiator, transferring heat into your living spaces, sending both utility bills and temperatures soaring. In colder climates, heat build-up in an attic causes snow to melt and run down where it freezes at the eaves, causing destructive ice damming.

Solar Royal Attic Fans:

  • Reduces heat build up.
  • Reduces air conditioning costs.
  • Prevents ice damming.
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SolarRoy Product-Line..

SolarRoyal specializes in energy efficiency solutions and products. Our primary product being our modular SR1800 Series Solar Attic (Ventilation) Fans. We are constantly improving our products, components but at the request of our partners our product line has grown significantly:

SR1800 Premium Solar Attic Fans.
Solar Gable Fans.
Solar Fan Accessories.
Premium Insulated Attic Staircase
  (Hatchway) Covers.

Whole Home Surge Supression.
Attic Insulation Removal Bags.



• "We have a product that is by far the best solution on the market."
• "Smartest and well thought-out product we have ever used. Easy to install and offers the best value & quality."


Hands down, these are the biggest compliment we can get and the SolarRoyal team members are industry leaders in bringing the best sales and support together. We offer partner training events, trade-show support or customized bids support. OUR SALES TEAM & PARTNERS ARE THE VERY BEST!