There are many types of solar attic fans on the market and all but MAYBE six (6) are not certified or tested in any way.  Out of those six (6) only a small handful have current certifications of current products.

Why is this important: Because if you install a none-certified product on your roof, we are seeing more and more insurance companies not insuring damage and/or during inspections the roof or replacement parts not being approved.  2016 and 2017 have been very active years for extreme-weather and if you have a product on your roof that does not have current certifications you run the risk of not only damaging your home but also, in some cases, having issues with insurance claims.

Horizontal wind-driven rain is a big issue but rarely discussed or reviewed by installers, contractors, and homeowners. Having products that are extreme weather certified should be important for everyone.

Be smart and make sure the product you’re using and/or selling is certified to handle extreme-weather, including current models from the manufacturer.  Many products that were certified or was tested four to nine years ago have hopefully updated and altered the product to better components over the years but if you do your homework you will find many do not even sell the units they originally had certified.

Caveat emptor

Extreme Weather Certified

Texas Windstorm (ASTM-E330) & Miami-Dade County (TAS100a-95)

SolarRoyal LLC takes this very seriously. We work to update and provide a superior product. This also means that we always test the current models of our SR1800 Series solar attic ventilation fans.  We dare you to compare our product to our competitors via our Comparison Matrix <>.

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