whole home surge protection, power factor correctionAUSTIN, TEXAS (August 8, 2014) Solar Royal, LLC announces the launch of the first product in the line of PowerJOLT Energy Efficient Series products. The PowerShield Power Conditioning System provides a whole home surge protection solution that protects electronics, saves money, and conserves energy.  The goal with the PowerJOLT Series is to be responsible for our environment by offering only the highest-quality products that create a healthy, efficient, and energy-wise solution in both residential and commercial applications.

Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection with the PowerShield Power Conditioning System

The PowerShield Power Conditioning System protects electronics, saves money, and conserves energy by offering a single-point installation. It’s a cost-effective means of surge protection, helping protect the entire home from electrical spikes and power surges. PowerShield also monitors and controls the rate of incoming electricity in order to optimize the flow of power use and help diminish static-causing harmonics and line noise. It is engineered to optimize the power factor of your home, allowing all your electronics to operate efficiently. Higher currents increase the energy lost in the system, so PowerShield optimizes the power factor to use less energy and save money.

PowerShield Power Conditioning System Brochure

Power spikes and surges can occur many times a day, potentially causing damage to valuable electronics throughout the home. Spikes may originate from a number of sources, most commonly from within the home: when major appliances turn-on, static electricity, power fluctuations, and worst of all, lightning. Many homeowners believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends with plugging a few selected devices into a surge-protected power strip. Unfortunately, that’s seldom the case. Many other valuable devices such as high-end entertainment centers, HVAC pumps/temp controllers, general electronic devices, large appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators), security systems, and even solar systems are left vulnerable to irreparable or costly damage. PowerShield creates an additional layer of protection by funneling spikes and surges to a neutral ground line thus minimizing potential damage to valuable home electronics and equipment.

“Our team is committed to making responsible, green products more affordable to everyone, by offering the smartest and most cost-effective solutions to save money and protect our environment”, said Roy Stocker, President of Solar Royal, LLC.

About Solar Royal:
Solar Royal LLC, is devoted to developing solar-powered and alternative energy products to enrich the process of saving energy and making these products more affordable. Our motto is, “You’re either energy-wise or otherwise”. For more information on Solar Royal and its products, please visit https://solarroyal.com or call toll free 800-317-4996.


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