"We have a product that is by far the best solution on the market."
"Smartest and well thought-out product we have ever used. Easy to install and offers the best value & quality."


Hands down, these are the biggest compliment we can get and the SolarRoyal team members are industry leaders in bringing the best sales and support together. We offer partner training events, trade-show support or customized bids support. OUR SALES TEAM & PARTNERS ARE THE VERY BEST!


Victoria Marquez, Solar Royal LLC
Victoria Marquez; Online & Operations Manager for SolarRoyal LLC. When something needs to get shipped, resolved or done, you can bet Victoria is behind the scene making things happen. Victoria is a wonderful person and eager to make things happen.

SR1800 Series (3D-Demo)

See why our two piece design is leading the industry with features, performance, value, ease of installation and maintenance.  No other solar ventilation product offers the features of the SolarRoyal SR1800 Series products.

Right out of the box, you will see clearly the form and function not seen in any other product on the market.  Watch the video, view the list of features below, and see if you can find anything else on the market that matches the feature set and value proposition.  This is what our DARE-TO-COMPARE campaign is all about.

• 25Watt & 50Watt• Custom Brushless Motor
• Monocrystaline Solar Panel• Patent Pending Two-Piece Design
• Solid One-Piece 6061 Aluminum• Low-Profile Design
• Custom Molded Hood• Automotive Grade - ABS
• Power Expansion Port• Fire Retardant Resin
• Embedded Solar Angle Bracket• UV Stabilizers
• Includes Thermal Switch
• Interchangeable Base
• Available Lifetime Warranty

The SR1800 Series Solar Attic Ventilation Fan is the highest windstorm rated product on the market!  Passing tests up-to three times that of our competitors (-340psf).

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