Solar Powered Attic Fan, Solar Attic Vent

Whenever a new product hits the market, there will always be skeptics. Is newer always better? Not always. But there have been some amazing advancements in technology over the last decade, particularly in the renewable energy market. Green energy products have taken the market by storm because–when they are made right–they really are a cost-effective, energy-saving investment compared to many of their electric counterparts. One such product is the solar attic fan. It saves you money on your utility bills and prolongs the life of your roof at the same time.

No Attic Ventilation

Without an attic fan or exhaust vents, the attic temperature skyrockets, moisture builds up and it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Many attics lack proper insulation, causing drafts which only add to the mold and mildew problem. All that expensive cool air from your air conditioning unit is now being sucked out through your unventilated, uninsulated attic.

Wear and Tear on Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your attic lacks proper insulation and to seal it off from the rest of your home, your  A/C unit will attempt to compensate for all that attic heat. As heat builds up in the attic, that cool air from the rest of your home leaks into the attic. Unfortunately, there is no way your home air conditioning unit could hope to properly cool your attic space. Your air conditioning unit is working twice as hard as it needs to, leading to unnecessary wear and tear and higher utility bills. Meanwhile, all that hot air in your attic is cooking all your stored mementos and family heirlooms like a fresh steak.

The Electric Attic Ventilation Fan

Most homeowners know those old electric powered fans that you hook up in the summer to get all that heat and humidity out of your attic. They get the job done, but they drive your electric bill through the roof in the process. Many are also loud and not very pretty to look at on your roof. However, going without an attic fan is hardly a better option. So, what do you do?

The Solar Powered Ventilation Fan

Solar powered attic fans are the way to go. All those UV rays that are destroying your roof? Put them to work saving your roof instead. Proper ventilation in the attic will keep the temperature down where it belongs, lessen the strain on your A/C unit and preserve the contents of your attic. Your roofing material will last longer and you won’t have to constantly be waging war against the mold and mildew. An added bonus, not only are they energy efficient, but they also come with great tax incentives.

If you’re struggling to ventilate your attic properly, consider investing in a solar attic fan.

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