Landfill Community Solar Project

Landfills normally harm the environment. However, CS Energy is attempting to rectify that situation, at least with one Berkeley, New Jersey landfill. The company announced its 10-MW landfill community solar project. This project will close the landfill and install a community solar system on top of it. The planned system consists of two 5-MW solar energy systems working together. Completion of this project will bring CS Energy’s total landfill solar projects in the United States to 231 MWs of clean energy produced on what was once an environmental hazard.The project isn’t just about cleaning up an environmental hazard. As part of New Jersey’s Community Solar Energy Pilot Program, CS Energy’s latest solar installation will bring locally produced and affordable clean energy to 1,800 homes. 51% of those homes will be low-and-moderate-income (LMI) households.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with CS Energy and Luminace to close this landfill at no cost to our taxpayers and residents, while also offering more affordable and cleaner sources of energy to our community,” said Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato, according to Solar Power World. “My administration and the Council have set robust goals for resiliency and green initiatives and are pleased to have this outside-the-box, strategic method for generating revenue for the township on township-owned land.”

The Berkeley Township Landfill ceased operations in 1982 but remained uncapped due to a lack of funds. In 2020, Berkeley Township entered a public-private partnership with CS Energy to close the landfill. Completing all relevant studies and permitting work required to make the project a reality has taken CS Energy nearly 2 years, but their efforts have finally paid off as the project is now a reality.

“The effective pursuit of the State’s twin climate and clean energy goals requires creativity, partnership commitment… this landfill solar redevelopment project, which transforms a longstanding environmental liability into an asset that delivers significant and direct benefits to its host community, continues to demonstrate we — together — can achieve environmental and economic success while advancing our critical mission,” said Sean Moriarty, Deputy Commissioner, according to Solar Powered World.

New Jersey’s Community Solar Energy Pilot Program has been so successful over the past few years that it is now a permanent, long-term initiative. The program works towards the state’s goal of 100% clean electricity by 2035 thanks to contributions from projects and companies such as CS Energy and their community solar system installs.

All across the country, the solar industry is growing and thriving every day as more clean energy products and installations become available to consumers. The future of the industry is certainly looking brighter than ever.