SolaVent™ 30Watt 'Reversible' Gable Ventilation Fan and Passive Vent Converter

Solar Royal’s premier product is our SR1800 solar attic ventilation fan. Due to popular demand, we have launched a version of the SR1800 fan that is specifically designed for gabled roofs; the SolaVent 30Watt ‘Reversible’ Gable Ventilation Fan and Passive Vent Converter. The SolaVent is the most versatile ‘Reversible’ gable vent on the market, allowing the conversion of any existing passive roof vents into solar-powered active ventilation. Whether used in a new install or a retrofit to existing commercial and/or residential vents: dormer vents, box vents, ridge vents, commercial vents, gables, and turbines, the SolaVent is designed for easy installation with our patent-pending two-piece design as well as providing reversible air-flow. It is the only purpose-driven reversible fan with applications only limited by one’s imagination.

When converting an existing passive vent into solar-powered active ventilation, there are no new roof penetrations required. Our unique gable ventilation fan design is specifically designed to accommodate safe installation while not requiring the installer to climb up on the roof. The fan comes with a below roof deck attachment and requires no modifications to existing vents. SolaVents are unaffected by adverse weather conditions. Our Drop-n-Lock technology provides reversible airflow accommodating the need for either intake or exhaust depending on your unique ventilation needs. This low-profile gable fan design is HOA friendly as it does not require any bulky mounting equipment. It will not void your roof warranty and is designed to provide a protective seal around the unit to prevent roof leaks. The SolaVent’s 3-step installation design is re-roof friendly, allowing for easy removal and reinstallation in the event that your roof needs to be redone. No 110V electrical wiring is required. A SolaVent is a low-cost investment with no operating cost as it runs solely on solar power. It has all of the benefits of our standard SR1800 solar attic fans with the added convenience of being specifically designed to fit gabled roofs.