SolarRoyal SR1800 Solar Attic Ventilation Fan Installation Mistakes

SolarRoyal SR1800 solar attic ventilation fans (30watt and 60watt) are easy to install. However, there are several installation mistakes that are commonly made during the process that all installers should be aware of.

#1 Installation Mistake: Not removing the safety film from the solar panel after installing the fan

Your SR1800 Solar Attic Fan (30watt and 60watt) comes out of the box with a safety film in place over the solar panel. This is to prevent the fan from running while the fan is being installed. Once the installation is complete, this safety film must be removed for the fan to begin operating. As long as the safety film is in place, UV rays cannot reach the solar panel. Without UV rays, the solar panel has no way of powering the fan. However, it is important to remove the film after all other installation tasks are complete. Removing the safety film will cause the fan to start operating. If the fan begins operating during installation, the installer is at risk of serious injury.

#2 Installation Mistake: Not making sure the hole cut into the roof is the correct size

Cutting the correct size hole to fit your new solar attic fan is vital to proper installation. If you are uninstalling another ventilation unit that happens to leave a 15″ hole in the correct place on your roof, then yes, you can likely reuse the hole for your new SR1800 fan. If the hole is smaller than 15″ you may be able to enlarge the hole to fit your new fan. However, any hole larger than 15″ will not work. Always consult your solar attic fan installation guide for installation instructions to ensure proper fit and placement of your new fan even if you have installed solar attic fans before. Even seasoned professionals can make installation mistakes if they do not read manufacturer documentation and instructions.

#3 Installation Mistake: Not sealing properly around the flashing

No matter how secure the flashing around your fan may seem to be, you must caulk under the side and lower edges. This ensures that the fan is weatherproof. Failing to do so may cause water leaks and eventually lead to water damage in the attic space below. Consult your installation instructions for detailed instructions to ensure you haven’t missed any steps.

As with any installation project, it is important to study all manuals and installation guides before attempting to install the product even if you have installed solar attic fans before to avoid installation mistakes. Solar attic ventilation fan designs can differ between brands.