When shopping for your new solar attic ventilation fan, it’s important to ensure you are getting the correct ventilation fan for your situation. Here at SolarRoyal, we offer three different fans models to fit your individual ventilation needs and ensure we provide the right solution for every customer.

Our most popular option is the SR1800 30watt Solar Attic Ventilation Fan. This fan provides top-of-the-line ventilation for most residential applications. It ventilates up to 2,500 square feet and up to 1950 CFMs. One 30watt fan ensures superb ventilation for most residential spaces, converting passive ventilation into active ventilation. All our fans come with our Fire Safety ‘FireFuse’ Cutoff Switch to ensure maximum safety for your home.

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Need the Correct Fan to Ventilate a Larger Space?


Check out our SR1800 60watt Solar Attic Ventilation Fan. This model provides quality ventilation for spaces up to 2,650 square feet and 2,100 CFMs. The 60watt model fits larger homes and small commercial applications, providing all the same quality benefits as our standard 30watt model. For spaces larger than 2,650 square feet, you simply use multiple fans.

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Need the Correct Ventilation Fan for a Gabled Roof?


Our newest product is the SolaVent 30Watt ‘Reversible’ Ventilation Gable Fan and Passive Vent Converter. This 30watt fan is another variant of our SR1800 Solar Attic Ventilation Fan. The difference between the two fans is that the SolaVent is specifically designed for gabled roofs. The SolaVent’s unique design allows safe installation that does not require the installer to climb up on the roof.

SolaVent™ 30Watt 'Reversible' Gable Ventilation Fan and Passive Vent Converter

All our fans are designed to be low-profile and HOA friendly. They are rigorously tested to ensure durability in adverse weather conditions with protective seals around the unit to prevent roof leaks. Our fans do not require any sort of wiring as they are 100% solar powered. They come with thermostats that are preprogrammed to turn the fan on and off according to the temperature in the attic space to ensure that your space is always being kept at the optimal temperature. You never have to worry about turning the fan on and off manually.