turn down the heat to save money

It’s always nice to save a little money where you can, especially in the winter, if you have those dreaded utility bills that go through the roof the moment it gets cold enough to start cranking up the heat. Here are four tips from the experts at Solar Royal on how to save money on your utility bills this winter.

1. Save money by turning down the heat

We’ve gotten so used to always having temperature-controlled homes that we can’t stand the thought of coming home from work to a cold house in the winter. But, leaving your heat blasting all day while you’re at work so that you can go back to a nice toasty warm house wastes ridiculous amounts of energy and money. So, you have two choices if you want to save money. You can either turn the heat up manually when you come home, which would require you to tolerate a few minutes of cold before the heat kicks in. Or, you can get a programmable thermostat and set it to turn the heat up a few minutes before you’re due home so you can arrive home to a toasty warm house without wasting all that energy from leaving the heat on all day.

2. What about Fido?

Many pet owners may look at the advice above and argue, “well, that’s nice, but Fido needs the house nice and toasty warm while I’m gone.” No, sorry. Fido does not need the whole house heated while you’re gone. There is a simple solution. Block off a single room. Turn down the temperature in the rest of the house and leave the heat on only in one room. Also, remember that most dogs and cats have enough fur to keep them toasty warm. So, they don’t need that room to be a sauna. Give them a little heat and–if they’re a shorthaired breed–a fluffy sweater. They’ll be fine. (Disclaimer: Please consult your veterinarian before leaving your pet home alone.)

3. Start wearing layers

We’ve become spoiled. In the middle of winter, many of us like to run around in t-shirts and crank up the heat to compensate. But is that really necessary? NO! You would be amazed how much you save on your heating winter heating bill by simply dressing in a few more layers and turning the thermostat down a few degrees.

4. Save money by ventilating and insulating your home

Proper ventilation is vital for every home, especially attics, crawl spaces, garages, and other storage areas. These areas tend to be poorly insulated and often store items that contribute to a buildup of toxic fumes. The poor insulation allows heat from your HVAC system to be leeched out through these spaces. Poor ventilation and the difference between warm temperatures inside and cold temperatures outside also contribute to a buildup of moisture in these spaces, which leads to mold and mildew. Mold and mildew damage the structural integrity of your home. Using active ventilation like a solar attic fan equalizes the temperatures inside and outside. The increased airflow prevents a buildup of moisture, which prevents the mold and mildew. The solar panels on the fan also help prevent ice from forming on the roof around it.

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