active ventilation vs passive ventilation

What is Active Ventilation?

Active ventilation is a system that provides air circulation in indoor spaces using mechanical fans. This type of ventilation is especially important for spaces that are prone to moisture buildup as well as spaces that tend to collect excess heat such as attics and garages. It also helps keep your home free from potential harmful odors and gasses that may build up where chemicals, equipment, and even vehicles are stored.

Pros and Cons of Active Ventilation

Active ventilation provides a more consistent ventilation system for your home or business. It does not depend on natural air currents so it cannot be affected by the weather in the same way passive ventilation can. If you choose a system like the Solar Royal SR1800, you won’t have to worry about increased energy bills either. As a 100% solar-powered unit, the SR1800 keeps the air in your garage, attic, or other space properly circulated 24/7 without adding to your carbon footprint.

What is Passive Ventilation?

Passive ventilation is a system that provides air circulation in indoor spaces by using natural methods such as thermal buoyancy and air currents. This type of system uses air vents like the WindeeVent System to control and guide the circulation of air. A passive system such as this regulates air temperature and brings in fresh air while pushing out the old stale air.

Pros and Cons of Passive Ventilation

Passive ventilation systems do tend to be cheaper than active ventilation systems. They may also require less maintenance as it does not involve the use of wires, solar panels, or circuits. However, it is also far less efficient. A passive ventilation system like the WindeeVents works best when there is a significant difference in temperature between the indoor air and the outdoor air. Hot air rises. So, the vent at the top of the door lets out the hot air which makes room for cool air to be drawn in through the vent at the bottom of the door. However, if there is no significant difference in temperature between the indoor and outdoor air, the efficiency of the system decreases.

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