Here are some of the most common ventilation questions answered by our solar ventilation experts.

Ventilation Question 1: Does your fan have a battery so it can run at night?

This is one of the commonly asked ventilation questions we get. Our fans are purely solar and do not have the capability of storing any of the energy collected to use later. So, no. It doesn’t have a battery.

Ventilation Question 2: So does that mean it won’t ventilate my attic at night?

No. When the fan is off, it still ventilates your attic. It simply functions as a passive vent as opposed to an active vent.

Ventilation Question 3: But wait, I’ve been told that active ventilation is better than passive ventilation. Why isn’t your fan actively ventilating my attic 24/7?

The beauty of active ventilation is that it is far more efficient and cools down your attic far faster than any passive ventilation system. What makes your attic heat up is the UV rays from the sun hitting your roof which translates into a buildup of heat underneath your roof. As long as those UV rays are heating up your attic, they will also be powering your fan. However, at night, when the sun isn’t out, those UV rays aren’t a problem. If your attic is already cool when the fan is turned off, it will take a long time to heat up again without those UV rays hitting the roof. Of course, as soon as those UV rays start hitting your roof, your fan will come back on and there won’t be any noticeable heat buildup.

Ventilation Question 4: So will my fan run while it’s cloudy outside?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, but it may not run quite as fast. Even if it is cloudy enough that you cannot see the sun, it”s still there and there are still at least some UV rays getting through and hitting your roof. Granted, there will be less than there are on a clear day, but they will still be there. Remember, UV rays are what heat up your attic. That’s why cloudy days are cooler. You’re not getting hit with all of the UV rays. It works the same way with your house. It’s cooler when it is cloudy. Therefore, your attic will not build up as much heat. Your attic fan will run in proportion to the number of UV rays hitting it. On a clear day, your fan will run at full speed. On a cloudy day it may run slower. It’s a self-regulating system.

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