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windeevent garage door ventilation system

WindeeVent Product Information

The WindeeVent is a revolutionary, passive garage ventilation system built to last utilizing the highest quality aluminum and an adjustable hand crank louver control. The WindeeVent opens and closes to allow constant airflow into the garage, keeping the garage and adjacent walls cool. WindeeVents are sold in pairs and include:

  • Crank handles adjustable louvered vents
  • Paintable aluminum powder-coated finish
  • Rodent bug screen
  • Allows airflow into garage 24 hours a day
  • Reduces air temp in the garage
  • Installation guide and hardware included
  • Energy-saving features

Additional Information and Measurements

Many customers ask to see an inside view, detailed measurements, and additional information for the WindeeVent. Looking at the product from the outside, it is marked as 17.5″ (W) and 12″ (H) but the inside part of the product has measurements that are shown in the picture below as, 16″ (W) x 10.5″ (H) and each vent weights 3.58lbs with a depth of 2.75″, so they are sturdy and strong. All WindeeVents come with standard 1.5″ screws. All insulated garage doors will require customer to purchase longer screws which SolarRoyal does not sell.  Please see the detailed images below for the frame of reference.  If you would like to see more information, please do not hesitate to contact Roy. <[email protected]>.

Inside Product Views and Measurements

WindeeVent inside measurements length

WindeeVent inside measurements length

WindeeVent inside measurements height

WindeeVent inside measurements height

WindeeVent side view lever adjustment

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