WindeeVent Garage Door Ventilation

Our goal is to save garages worldwide!

The WindeeVent, a revolutionary, passive garage ventilation system.

The WindeeVent allows you to vent the garage without raising the garage doors. This simple concept produces many benefits that make the WindeeVent arguably the best garage door product to hit the market in years.

The product is the only after-market, adjustable garage exhaust vent with a mesh screen designed to fit directly into standard garage door profiles. The WindeeVent opens and closes to ventilate the garage with fresh outside air. Originally designed and to let hot air escape, we have found that the WindeeVent has many other benefits. These revolutionary garage exhaust vents lower utility costs in hot summer months, reduce carbon monoxide buildup from engines, increasing the longevity of appliances, tools stored in the garage and help keep your garage cooler.

Our goal is to save garages worldwide!  And remember, Always Practice Safe Venting.

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Furthermore, if you compare the product with any other you will see the WindeeVent is the best.

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  • Reduces air temperature in garage and decreases toxic fumes.

  • Allows air flow into garage 24 hours a day.

  • Designed to resist forcible intrusion.

  • Paintable aluminum powder coated finish in white color.

  • Crank handles adjustable louvered vents.

  • Energy saving features.

  • Bug and Rodent screen.

  • Installation guide and hardware included.

  • Insulated garage doors, no problem with longer screws from Fastenal <Click-Here>.

  • Detailed inside views and dimensions <Click-Here>

  • YOUTUBE Misc Insulation Guides <Click-Here>.

The Value Driven Solution:
There is a sad and all too familiar issue that every garage owner has faced. The garage has become more than the place to park your car. To the average person the garage has everything from bicycles and tools to yard equipment and cleaning chemicals sitting in the garage. Some people even use the garage as a hangout space. However, many people fail to ventilate the garage properly.

The common solution is to raise the garage door to let the hot air and odors escape while bringing in the cooler outside air. You see it in every neighborhood, people leaving garage doors cracked all day, the most common type of DIY garage ventilation system. Then people wonder why stuff stored in their garage goes missing.

The WindeeVent opens and closes to allow passive flow of outside air into the garage. Originally designed to simply let hot air escape, we have found that the WindeeVent has many other benefits. Venting the garage lowers utility costs in hot summer months, reduces carbon monoxide buildup from engines and increasing longevity of appliances stored in the garage. It increases the circulation of fresh air without having to raise garage doors. This simple concept produces many benefits that make the WindeeVent arguably a smart investment for your belongings.

You can also create active ventilation by adding a register to your garage ceiling and then adding a SolarRoyal SR1800 Solar Attic Fan. A vent fan facilitates active ventilation for garages as well as your attic space and crawl spaces.

Reduces Heat in the garage: When the garage is attached, it usually shares an interior wall with the house that retains heat. Most of these garages are un-insulated allowing hot air to enter the house. Consequently, the heat from the garage makes air conditioning units work continuously to keep the indoor air cool. WindeeVents create an opening in the garage for hot air to escape, therefore minimizing heat entering the house and allowing air conditioning units to regulate the indoor air efficiently. DECREASING HEAT = REDUCE ENERGY BILLS.

Reduces Carbon Monoxide: Venting the garage prevents fumes released from vehicles sitting in the garage from entering the house. There is a real and deadly issue with carbon monoxide buildup in garages where engines are running, especially with hybrid vehicles that make no sound. CO buildup in a low ventilated area is deadly. The greater the amount of air we can get moving through a garage vent, the safer the garage space will be. DECREASE CARBON MONOXIDE = INCREASE LIFE.

Reduces Odors and Gases in the garage: The garage has become a catch-all for anything we don’t want to store in the house. Annoying odors from vehicles, cleaning chemicals, and equipment for yard work, gardening, and home improvement all contribute to a smelly garage. The gases released can increase the rate at which metal components (appliances, tools, bikes, door hardware, etc) rust. The WindeeVent creates an an exhaust vent in the garage door to improve air circulation, thereby reducing these odors/gases and increasing the lifespan of many products, including that extra refrigerator you keep in the garage. REDUCE GASES = INCREASE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE.

Incredible Value

Getting the job done with quality products is the key to a successful execution.

Smart Money

BOTTOMLINE:  There is no other product on the market that offers the quality, function, value and aesthetics.

Proper Ventilation

Having the garage ventilated properly will save you money cooling your home.

Energy Wise

BOTTOMLINE: Moving air in your garage will help keep the fumes and heat to a minimum.

Quality & ROI

Extreme weather rated and built with the finest materials compared to any similar solution.


BOTTOMLINE: Please contact the SolarRoyal team to get the best pricing in volume purchasing.

Facts & Questions!

The garage is the most over looked and under built room in most residential construction; typically, left unfinished and uninsulated with little-to-no ventilation. Although this may have been acceptable in the early days when garages where used primarily for vehicle storage, the garage has transformed into additional living space and a place to store anything you don’t want in your house. Heat, toxic fumes, odors and mildew are a common occurrence in many garages as most are not properly ventilated. The WindeeVent is solving this issue in a simple and efficient way by creating an opening to allow fresh outside air to enter and hot air to exit the garage.
Practice safe ventilation! Even cold garages need ventilation, especially on those cold mornings when you warm up your vehicle before heading off to work. Hopefully, this is done with the garage door open. However, when it’s time to go, the garage door is closed before the carbon monoxide from the exhaust can be completely released. Having an exhaust vent in the garage helps reduce carbon monoxide from entering the house through the unfinished walls and cracks in the door. Check out the article on carbon monoxide in our blog.
The WindeeVent is designed with an adjustable crank that allows the vent to open and close. During inclement weather the vents can be closed to minimize water from entering. Most garage doors are not weather tight, so horizontal rain may still enter from the sides of the door. In some flood plane areas, vents are required to let water escape after heavy rains flood the garage.
Although originally designed for garage doors, the patented backplate creates additional applications for the WindeeVent. The WindeeVent can be installed in many other door styles, pre-engineered metal buildings and walls. Essentially anywhere ventilation is needed. The only limitation is your creativity!
Yes. The WindeeVent is built of high quality aluminum with a powder coat finish that is custom paint ready. We stock two colors, white and almond, which covers 75% of the standard garage door profiles. We recommend painting the vent to match the garage door color, especially if your house is part of an HOA.
We thought of that too! What makes WindeeVent unique is the mesh screen fastened to the back of the vent. The mesh screen keeps bugs and critters from entering and allows you to ventilate your garage 24/7 without ever having to raise the garage door.
No. We tossed around the idea of wiring the WindeeVent to open and close with a push of a button. However, our goal was to create a simple, efficient and economical solution. Adding an electrical component increases costs and requires additional materials and labor. Also, it creates an additional opportunity for something to go wrong. Ever have a garage door motor go out?
The WindeeVent is designed with carriage bolts that can not be loosened from the outside.
We recommend the vents be installed by a professional who is experienced in cutting sheet metal. With the proper tools and experience, an exhaust vent can be installed in 30 minutes or less. Check out our Installation Video.
The WindeeVent System in sold in pairs, allowing you to install a vent on either side of the garage. We recommend one set per door. More vents create better ventilation, but most garages can get away with one set.
The WindeeVent may reduce your utility bill during a hot summer. Because of variables such as geography and door position, Solar Royal can not claim that the WindeeVent will reduce your bill. However, homeowners with attached garages in the southern states have seen a reduction in utility cost after installing a set.
Yes. If you currently have WindeeVents installed and are getting a new door, have your garage door company remove your vents from the old door and install into the new one.
Tools List (Not Included)
– Drill
– 1/4″ Drill Bit
– Metal Cutting Tool (dremel shears, snips)
– Wrench (10mm socket)
– Level
– Pencil

Parts List (Included)
– 2 mechanical louvers
– 2 sets of mounting hardware (10 bolts, 10 nuts)
– 2 rolls sealant tape
– 2 back plates / cutting templates
– Installation Instructions
Note: Always use proper safety gear.
Note: Do not operate the garage door at any time during installation.

In addition to the many benefits of the WindeeVent System, it is also very easy to install. With the proper tools, the two vents can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. The system consists of two louvered vents, mounting hardware, sealant tape and a back plate that doubles as a template for cutting the opening in the garage door.

Select locations to install vents.
Note: It recommended that vents be installed opposite of each other, ie, the top left side and bottom right side.
– Position and level template/backplate at the install location.
Note: It is important to ensure the back plate is level before cutting.
– Mark bolt locations and trace the inside of the leveled template.
– Drill holes for bolts.
– Cut along the traced template line.
Note: If using snips, drill a hole on the traced line for a starting location.
– Apply sealant tape to the back of vent.
Note: Remove adhesion cover on both sides before inserting bolts. Making an incision through the tape after applying to the back of the vent will help bolts punch through tape.
– Insert all bolts through holes on the vent.
– Insert the vent and all bolts through the garage door and press unit firmly to allow the tape to bond with the door.
Note: For maximum adhesion, the surface must be clean.
– From inside the garage, line up backplate through bolts, attach nuts and tighten to secure vent.

Enjoy your new Windee Vent System.
Certified Installers: while installing WindeeVent is a great DIY project, we strongly recommend that you hire a bonded, insured and reputable company to install the WindeeVent system.

We encourage everySolar Royal customer to contact your HOA for pre-approval. In order to satisfy your HOA, we recommend the following:

1. Professional installation to ensure vents are installed quickly and correctly.

2. Custom painted to match the garage door.

With so many benefits and minimal aesthetic difference, HOA approval should not be an issue. Need help getting approval from your HOA to have WindeeVents installed in your garage door?

A former HOA gave us some advice: “I just had these vents installed and wish I had done it sooner. I could immediately feel the breeze from outside coming into the garage. The crew arrived when promised, the installation was quick and clean, and I had no issues getting approval from the HOA since it is not an eyesore. You can hardly tell they are there, once I painted them to match the garage. I even had to look twice to make sure I posted the correct picture. If you are having any issues with your HOA, just submit some of these before and after photos along with your ACC form. I’ve already had several neighbors stop by and ask about my vents. I can only take credit for making the decision to call. The rest is all product and installation. Well – I did do the painting.” – Steve Pillar – a customer perspective.

What is a Home Owner’s Association (HOA)?

According to Wikipedia:

In the United States, a homeowner association (or homeowners association) (HOA) is a corporation formed by a real estate developer for the purpose of marketing, managing, and selling of homes and lots in a residential subdivision. It grants the developer privileged voting rights in governing the association, while allowing the developer to exit financial and legal responsibility of the organization, typically by transferring ownership of the association to the homeowners after selling off a predetermined number of lots. Membership in the homeowners association by a residential buyer is typically a condition of purchase; a buyer isn’t given an option to reject it. Most homeowner associations are incorporated and are subject to state statutes that govern non-profit corporations and homeowner associations.

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