Solar Powered Attic Fan Calculator.
“What’s Right For Me?”


SolarRoyal offers the best featured, best performing solar attic fan (solar ventilation) product on the market. If you have done your homework and asked the right questions, we know you will come to the same decision. The SR1800 Series products are designed for vitally every type of residential, commercial and utility roof applications. If you DARE-TO-COMPARE, the truth is in the facts and if your not already confident your reviewing the best solar attic fan on the market then give us a call, livechat or submit a ticket, so we can prove it to you.

Solar Royal wants to help you determine the appropriate amount of ventilation for your home. We have put together some questions below and once answered the page will display what we recommend for your installation.  Remember this is only a general rule of thumb and each installation should be considered on it’s own merits.  In our opinion, their is no such thing as to much ventilation (air movement) as long as you have enough air-intake.




(1) .

Method A: I know the dimensions of my attic space. (more accurate):

Attic Configuration:

Roof construction
Roof color

Suggested CFM : 978 (CFM)

(2) .

Method B: I don’t know the dimensions of my attic space.:

Home Configuration:

Home Square Footage
Number of Stories
Roof Color
Roof Pitch

Suggested CFM : 2093 (CFM)

(3) .