When searching for the right solar attic ventilation fan for your needs, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options available on the market. There is a plethora of style, color, and size options for solar attic fans, among many other customizable specifications available. When speaking of fan size options, we’re not just talking about the size of the physical unit. In fact, bigger doesn’t always mean better. We are actually primarily talking about the ventilation capacity and how many square feet of attic space your new fan is capable of efficiently ventilating.

SolarRoyal fans are specifically designed to be as small and low-profile as possible. This helps give you the maximum amount of mounting options. It also keeps HOAs happy if you happen to live in an HOA zone. No one likes an eyesore sitting on their or their neighbor’s roof. The last thing you want is neighbors complaining about a giant attic fan on your roof. However, our SolarRoyal solar attic fans are low-profile and greatly preferred by HOAs as they have enough color options to blend in with any roof.

Of course, in addition to making sure your new fan is of an appropriate size for the outside of your roof, it’s important to ensure the fan has the correct ventilation capacity to efficiently ventilate your attic space. The standard 30-watt solar attic fan model ventilates up to 2250 square feet of attic space with a ventilation capacity of up to 1700 CFMs. The 60-watt solar attic fan ventilates up to 2650 square feet with a ventilation capacity of up to 2100 CFMs.

What are CFMs and why are they important when evaluating size options for solar attic fans?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This refers to the volume of air that the fan is capable of moving per minute. Essentially, the higher the CFMs, the faster the air will leave the ventilated space. A solar attic fan requires a steady stream of air flowing through the space to remove the warm air and replace it with the cooler air from the outside. This also removes excess moisture from the room, preventing the buildup of mold and mildew in the attic space. So, in summary, you need a fan that is built to ventilate the same amount or more square footage than is in the attic space you wish the ventilate. It is also recommended that bigger spaces utilize higher CFMs.

If in doubt, always consult an expert, either your installer or a SolarRoyal solar attic fan technical expert.

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Ventilation Affects on Size Options for Solar Attic Fans