Optimize Your Solar Attic Fan

Investing in a solar attic ventilation fan is a smart choice that will save you money in the long run. However, there are a few things you can do to optimize your fan and ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

1. Optimize Your Fan’s Sun Exposure

It’s important to ensure that your fan is receiving maximum sun exposure because those UV rays are what keep the fan running. If you have a SolarRoyal attic fan, the fan will still work in shade. However, it may run slightly slower depending on how much it is being obstructed. This is similar to the way the fan will still run when the sky is overcast, but may run slower in extremely cloudy weather due to the extra obstruction of the UV rays from the sun. That being said, it’s not always possible to place the fan in such a way that it is completely unobstructed at all times during daylight hours. It’s important to consult with your installer to figure out the ideal placement to optimize your new fan.

2. Get the Correct Fan for Your Attic Space

Different attics require different sizes of attic fans. It is often a matter of calculating the square footage of the space you wish to ventilate. However, there are mitigating factors that must be considered such as preexisting vents and unusual floor plans. Extremely large attics often benefit from having two fans as opposed to one larger fan.

3. Work with an Experienced Installer

While it is possible to for a homeowner to install a solar attic fan themselves, we highly recommend working with a professional installer. An experienced professional will know what problems to watch for and how to best overcome them. Even if your chosen installer is not familiar with our specific brand of solar attic fan, we provide extensive resources and documentation for all our products.

Following these key tips will set you up for a lifetime of success with your new attic fan. Also, check out our tips on solar attic fan maintenance.

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