Ridge vents, gables vents, and turbine vents work by passive (natural) draft air convection. This means that as hot air rises in your attic, it should flow out from these vents creating a natural draft through the attic. However, they are not very effective at reducing the temperature of your attic.

How are ridge vents different from a solar ventilation solution?

Turbine vents are designed to pull hot air out of your attic when the wind blows. These vents are equally ineffective at removing attic heat due to frequent mechanical problems, low air moving capability, and a dependence on the wind to supply the power needed to induce a draft through the attic.

Solar ventilation fans operate on the principle of active (forced) draft air convection. Solar Royal ventilation fans create an air draft through your attic many times more powerful than that of natural draft air convection techniques. By inducing a greater air draft through the attic, solar ventilators can more effectively cool your attic and keep it cool throughout the day.

Most building codes require homes to incorporate some types of passive attic vent system(s), like ridge vents, gable vents and soffits. The problem with passive venting is that it rarely provides the necessary circulation needed to force out the hot air that builds up inside the attic . Adding a motorized Solar Royal Attic Ventilator provides the force needed to drive out the hot air and improve air circulation.