garage maintenance

The garage is the part of the home many of us pay the least attention to. It’s the catch-all storage space that we never spend much time in, so many of us don’t put garage maintenance at the top of our to-do list. This leads to many common garage maintenance myths. Today we are going to bust 3 garage maintenance myths that could be endangering your home and family.

1. Garages don’t need as much insulation as the rest of the house

Many garages share an interior wall with the house. But, without proper insulation, the garage leeches heat from the rest of the house. This forces the HVAC system to work continuously, putting a strain on the system. Insulating any adjoining walls is vital to proper garage maintenance.

2. The chemicals and fumes stored in garages aren’t dangerous because they are kept out of the living areas

Garages hold all kinds of fumes, everything from motor oil and gasoline to paint and cleaning products. Carbon monoxide also builds up quickly in garages when engines are running. CO buildup in a poorly ventilated environment is deadly. Hybrid vehicles compound this danger as they make no sound. Therefore, it’s much harder to tell if they have been left running or not. Fumes and CO build up quickly without proper ventilation. In an uninsulated garage, these potentially deadly fumes start leeching into your home. However, a little proper garage maintenance including ventilation and insulation from the rest of the home–in addition is CO detectors–goes a long way towards protecting your family.

3. If I need more garage ventilation, all I have to do is leave the garage door open a few inches

Technically this one does work. However, leaving your garage door cracked is a rudimentary solution at best. At worst, it’s downright dangerous. All manner of wildlife could potentially get into your garage and do untold amounts of damage. Then there is the possibility of someone using an open garage door as an opportunity to break into your home and steal things. This is a garage maintenance problem that is easily solved with garage door vents. They allow proper airflow in your garage while being rodent- and burglar-proof.

These three garage maintenance myths are probably some of the most prevalent and dangerous. Remember, a little garage maintenance goes a long way towards protecting your family and home from many of the hazards found in your garage.

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