solar fan installation

Solar fans are a great way to ventilate your attic space. However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about them. So, let’s clear a few things up.

Myth 1: Solar fans don’t work when it is cloudy

Solar fans absolutely work when it is cloudy. As long as the fan is receiving UV rays, those fan blades will be turning. Now, due to the reduction in UV rays, the power output may be reduced. Therefore, the fan may not be running as fast as it will in full sunlight. However, it will certainly be running. Your solar fan will run in most weather conditions. This includes rain and even snow. The exception being if you get enough snow to cover the solar panel. If there is a buildup of snow over the solar panel, the fan will stop running as it will no longer be able to collect UV rays.

Myth 2: Installing a solar fan is very complicated

Installing a solar fan doesn’t have to be complicated. If you choose a fan like the Solar Royal SR1800, anyone with roofing experience can install it. With a unique two-piece design, the fan is super easy to install and maintain.

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