solar attic ventilation fan operation diagram

Attics, garages, crawlspaces, and other similar storage spaces are all prone to a buildup of excess heat. No one likes walking into an attic or garage and getting hit with a face full of stale roasting hot air. But, all this hot air is more than an unpleasant inconvenience. Did you know that the excess heat building up in these spaces poses a real danger to your home? Expelling this heat from your home is vital to the health and safety of your home and family. So, how do you get rid of all that excess heat? A solar attic exhaust fan. Now, you might be thinking; I can get a cheap electric fan from the hardware store, why can’t I just use that? That is a great question and you’ve come to the right place to find the answer. A solar ventilation fan has a lot of advantages over an electric fan. Here is the list of the top perks of solar-powered attic fans put together by the ventilation experts here at Solar Royal.

Solar Saves You Money

A solar-powered attic exhaust fan is free to run once it is installed. Solar-powered fans get their power directly from the sun. Therefore, no worrying about raising your energy bills. In fact, a solar-power attic exhaust fan lowers your energy bills. How? By increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system. Properly ventilating spaces such as your attic and garage rids your home of that buildup of excess heat. So, your HVAC system will no longer work overtime to compensate for the extreme temperatures trapped in these spaces.

Attic Exhaust Fans Save Your Home

When excess heat builds up in your attic, your roofing material cooks from the inside out, significantly decreasing its useful lifespan. The same goes for the rest of the structure around your attic. With excess heat, often comes excess moisture and humidity. These conditions produce mold and mildew which further degrade the integrity of your home.

Proper Ventilation Saves Your Family

Any space where you are storing chemicals for cleaning, pool maintenance, lawn maintenance, home improvement, and many other applications must maintain a safe, consistent temperature. Cooking these chemicals in extreme, uncontrolled heat such as that found in an unventilated garage or attic is dangerous and poses a risk to the health and safety of your home as well as the wellbeing of your family. If you read the packaging on these chemicals, you will see that most specifically state that they must be stored below a certain temperature. So, storing them in an unventilated garage or attic space means they are surely going to experience temperature far above the safe, manufacturer-recommended levels.

The Best Solar Attic Exhaust Fan on the Market

So, what solar attic exhaust fan should you get? We recommend the #1 solar attic fan on the market, the SolarRoyal SR1800. It’s robust, durable, and designed to perform even in the most extreme weather. For more detailed information, visit our SolarRoyal SR1800 Solar Attic Exhaust Fan product page.